Why City-Run Internet

The City of West Plains is building a municipal internet service. The potential economic benefits of such an infrastructure cannot be overstated. Access to a dedicated fiber-optic broadband service will attract new businesses to the area and provide incentive for existing businesses to stay. Ultimately, city-run internet represents the future and boundless economic opportunity.


The West Plains of the Future

As a growing city, West Plains needs to prioritize economic growth by attracting new businesses to the area. Municipal internet is a great way to initiate this process. In our technological age, increased and easy access to the web is a must, and plays a vital role in business health. “Unfortunately, at the City of West Plains, in the last two years, we've lost over 500 jobs. This fiber or broadband is a huge issue for companies looking towards the future.” –West Plains City Administrator, Tom Stehn (source).

Municipal Internet is About Community

Job growth is community growth. Municipal internet represents value for people and the community at large. By attracting and incentivizing businesses, a city-run broadband internet service will support the people of West Plains in their present, and more importantly, their future. The citizens of West Plains will have direct involvement in the funding of the system. It is not about big government, rather big community.


It Works

There have been many claims made about the viability of city-run internet. Many are negative and employ selective data. However, unbiased studies have shown that municipal internet systems always benefit communities in some way, even if they present financial challenges. What must also be stressed is that every community is different and that municipal internet systems can be implemented in a variety of ways. If we are up to the challenge, we can help assure the present and future economic health of West Plains!    

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